Freckleface Fragrances

Freckleface Fragrances

Freckleface started in 2017 by Tara as a hobby and a way of showing her son how a business works (he's always been a little entrepreneur).

They started out making  made wax melts and candles for family and his teachers and it has grown from there.

Noah is now 18 and is her business partner and they are proud to have built a brand that is now stocked in over 600 shops and continues to grow and expand.

Tara had decided early on ensure all of her products are vegan, all of their ingredients are ethical, plastic free and locally sourced where possible.

Much like ourselves here at Turnbull's & The Loft, Freckleface are a family run business, with Tara's husband, nephew & friends now working for us in the workshop where they make everything by hand.​

You don't have to have freckles to work there but currently most of them do have freckles!

You can browse the range online here by clicking here

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