Tweedmill Textiles

Tweedmill Textiles

Established in 1971, Tweedmill are a family ran business passionate about creating beautiful blankets, picnic rugs, home accessories and more.

 Brilliantly British and a proud UK manufacturer, Tweedmill hail from North Wales, next to the historic Flint Castle and their designs are influenced by the colours and serenity of the surrounding area. With local forests, nature reserves and the River Dee on their doorstep, they have a constant source of inspiration.

The team of expert ‘weavers’ use natural fibres and techniques that have been used for generations to weave soft tweeds, tartans and blanket materials from designed created by their in-house design team, pattern cutters & sewing machinists design, craft and create a range of products that are designed to last.

From recycling yarn, to weaving traditional tweed, all their products are produced using exceptional craftmanship and skills.

The team at Tweedmill have been working with wool for more than 50 years, and for good reason.

There are so many benefits to this natural material – it’s a circular fabric because as long as there is grass to graze on, sheep will continue to grow their fleece making it a renewable fibre. It’s also breathable as the fibres in the wool form tiny pockets of air, allowing the material to absorb moisture – making it extremely breathable too!


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